All projects are priced on the basis of a quote and with the final cost determined by a number of factors. These factors include:

  • Wall Size - This is a major determining factor in the time taken to complete and therefore the overall price.

  • Surface texture - For example, a corrugated iron wall is time consuming and more difficult to work with.

  • Amount of Detail - Example's below will illustrate this variation.

  • Wall Preparation  - If you are willing to clean the wall yourself it will reduce the overall project cost.

  • Cost of Materials - The cost of materials is dependent upon all of the above factors.

  • Design Fee -  The digital design provides you with piece of mind to know how the artwork will look in advance. (See examples).

  • Location - Projects within 10 km's of Brisbane's CBD will not incur a travel fee. 


Keep in mind the most significant factors that determine the overall project price are the degree of detail in the design and the overall size of the artwork. The images below will provide examples of this:


Detail : Low

Wall Size : 14m 

Incl. Wall Prep


Detail : High

Wall Size : 24m

Incl. Design + Wall Prep



Detail : High

Wall Size : 150m

Incl. Design + Signage + Wall Prep

$899 (Temporary Wall)

Detail : High

Wall Size : 6.25m

Incl. Temporary Wall + Installation




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